Quick piano sum

I'm a child of the keys, born to two musician parents. My passion is music from the now, created by living composers. I've largely performed in the midwest, with one international performance in Belfast, Ireland at ICMC (the International Computer Music Conference). Graduate study was at Towson University with Professor Reynaldo Reyes, a pedagogue with the power to teach anyone to fearlessly learn any piano music. My other teachers include Dr. Paul Shaw (University of Minnesota) Gwen Mok (San Jose State University) and Dr. Craig Nies (Vanderbilt University).

Following my piano studies at Towson, I moved to Minneapolis where I worked regularly with composers in the Twin Cities and performed in RenegadeEnsemble. From 2010 until last year, I worked as Assistant Artistic Director and pianist for the ensemble, which championed music by living composers.

Electroacoustic music and Josh Clausen

The recording below comes from my multi-year collaboration with Joshua Clausen, an electronic music composer from Minneapolis. She Quietly Enters and Leaves the Fray is the first in a series of three electro-acoustic works for piano and electronics. My goal for 2016 is to complete a recording of all three and perform them in San Francisco. The best part of working with this music is the interplay of listening carefully to timbre/texture in the piano with the varied and unchanging texture of the electronic part. I also loved getting to work with Josh on this first piece, workshopping parts with him as he wrote them and talking out what did or didn't work pianistically.

Photos from the recording session of Chris Hopkins' "Echoes Fantasy" with Zeitgeist members Heather Barringer and Dr. Patti Cudd and pianist Julie Sweet. Audio from the recording and performance to come soon!